Executive Team

The SEBMAT Executive Team consists of the headteacher of each school and its senior leadership team.  The team are:


  • Chris Spencer, Chief Executive Officer for SEBMAT

  • Robin Crofts, Director of Governance 

  • Kamla Jassal, Finance Director

  • Peter Collins, Director of Secondary and Headteacher of Slough and Eton C of E Business and Enterprise College

  • Katherine Russell, Director of Primary

  • Tom Brunson, Headteacher of Colnbrook C of E Primary School

  • Emma Stanford-Smith, Headteacher of Eton Porny C of E First School

  • Chris Thomas, Headteacher of Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy
  • Lindsey Tomlinson, Headteacher of Lynch Hill School Primary Academy 

  • Jamie Miles, Headteacher of Woodlands Park Primary School 

  • Natalie Wismayer, Headteacher of Grove Academy