SEBMAT Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Mission Statement

SEBMAT is an outward looking Trust, embedded in the local community, enabling children to live remarkable lives. 

The SEBMAT Strategic Plan 2022-2027, co-produced by the SEBMAT Directors, Headteachers, Chairs of Governors and Members is a statement outlining the principles  and values of the Trust. 

The SEBMAT 5 – Our Key Priorities

1.    Growth – our ambition is to become a medium-sized MAT of between 8-10 schools or 6000 pupils that operates within a proximity of around 30 minutes between schools;

2.    Collaboration – we intend to develop a menu of services and expertise which we can offer and share with local partnerships in the spirit of both our civic responsibilities and the development of a ‘try before you buy’ dimension to the Trust’s work;

3.    Inclusion – supporting vulnerable students to be successful in our schools post-covid will drive trust-wide decision making and spending decisions;

4.    Technology – we intend to maximise the gains made during the pandemic to improve the way in which we use technology both in the classroom and with staff in all roles;

5.    Central Services – development of a core team, independent of any one school and which meets the range of needs our schools have is a key step in enabling our ambitions for growth to be realised.

Download our Strategic Plan here.

SEBMAT Strategic Plan 2022-2027