Trust Performance

Slough and East Berkshire Multi Academy Trust  is a successful trust with popular schools. We are seeking to expand in a considered, proportionate and timely manner.   

The Trust is led by  Chris Spencer who has extensive experience and a strong track record of providing successful services nationally across local authorities. Having worked in Slough earlier in his career, he understands the local area well. 

The Academy routinely carries out self-evaluation activities to be assured that key and critical areas are compliant and are delivering high quality and effective provision. This process is important in identifying annual objectives. These objectives will be recognised nationally and internationally as examples of outstanding practice, including in particular:

  • Pupils to experience the highest quality learning to help them develop into well rounded citizens
  • In collaboration to provide an outstanding curriculum to motivate, engage and meet specific needs of pupils
  • Provide a safe, secure and supportive environment for all pupils and staff with outstanding leadership, including governance
  • Results achieved by pupils to exceed local and national expectations
  • Employ, develop and retain the highest possible calibre of staff
  • Retain and enhance the support to and from the local community

SEBMAT  works with a range of partners and is outward looking in its approach to sustaining good performance. SEBMAT has a close collaborative relationship with Eton College. The Provost has served as a Member of the Trust and the Vice-Provost is currently a Member. The Director of Outreach has become a Director/Trustee from October 2017 . A Senior Master from Eton is Chair of the LGB at Slough and Eton and a House Master is on the Eton Porny LGB. A significant benefit of this collaboration is that pupils from SEBMAT academies visit Eton College regularly and receive both academic, general and sporting development. Also, students from Eton College come to the academies and help with literacy and numeracy coaching.

The headteachers are members of their respective local headteacher associations across Slough and Windsor/Maidenhead local authorities. Regionally, links are in place with the respective Directors of Children’s Services across the two authorities and with the Oxford Diocese. National links are in place with the Department for Education (DfE), Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), the Regional Schools Commissioner  and the National Education Trust (NET).

Overall, the Academy has a healthy balance sheet and cash flow and uses the reserves to maintain the current assets and also to invest back into the schools in the form of additional resources and facilities both in the long term and short term in conjunction with the school development plans and schools’ aims.

All of these factors contribute to the overall performance of the Trust.